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Aarong Feni

Starting out in 1978, with the mission of promoting the rural arts and crafts and giving power to the impoverished craftsperson, Aarong is currently one of the forerunners for elevating the rural culture. With remarkably high standards while also prioritizing the needs of the rural women in mind, they have done an extraordinary job and have also made a name for themselves internationally. The range of merchandise being sold goes from clay and pottery goods to in-trend fashion and accessories.

Brands tend to have a strict set of requirements that have to be maintained throughout all their branches. This is to ensure that regardless of which Aarong store is being visited the user experience is the same. Having been in the industry of showcasing products for about 40 years, certain standards have been set for the ergonomics of the store, and those must be applied throughout all the stores. Therefore, while working on the interior design for the stores, factors like the lighting, the product display have already been decided beforehand.

All of these factors have been decided beforehand to make sure that the experience that every person gets regardless of which Aarong location is visited would be the same. It creates a very strong identity for the brand hence resonating feelings of familiarity when they visit any Aarong location. Even with all these standards, each location does have certain elements that allow for variety within the designs.

Location : Feni

Client : Aarong

Consultants : Cubeinside Design ltd.

Land Area : 836 sqm

Total Built Area :

Architect : Khandaker Ashifuzzaman, Md. Shakhawat Hossain

Associate Architect : Niloy Nath, Mehri Farnaz

Design Team : Fahim Faisal Khan

Structural design :

Plumbing Consultant :

Electrical Consultant : Eng. Rashedin

Construction Supervision : Sanjay Adhikari

Project cost :

Design Timeline : 2020

Construction Timeline : 2021