Innovi-cubeinside Photo-Maruf Raihan-MRF00674 Innovi-cubeinside Photo-Maruf Raihan-MRF00674

Innovi Solutions Office

In the current digital era, the only way to keep moving forward is to keep being innovative and to keep pushing the boundaries. Hence as a software company the main design principle while working on Innovi Solutions Office was to emulate the innovative drive within. With sharp corners and a sleek design, the interior of the office reflects the aesthetics of current cutting edge technology.

Project name :

Interior design and build for “ INOVI SOLUTIONS LTD. “ @ BANANI, DHAKA.

Client : Inovi Solutions Ltd.

Location : Banani, DHAKA.

Area : 1175 square feet [ 110 sqm.]

Timeline : 2020-2021

Design team:

Project Lead : Ar. Ahmed Firoj Robin

Project Architect : Ar. Hasnat Zamiul Azam Zami , Ar. Fahim Faisal Khan Shapnil

Project manager : Engr. Sonjoy Adhikary

Photographs : Maruf Raihan

Furniture : Rainbow Furniture

Construction : Cubeinside Design ltd.

City : Dhaka

Country : Bangladesh