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The word “Taaga” describes a special kind of stitch that is used to bind the edges of a type of blanket called “Nakshi Kantha”. Most of these stitches use simple geometric patterns, usually consisting of a trapezoidal or triangular matrix. For the brand Aarong, the word “Taaga” has become ubiquitous with a fusion of modern cuts incorporating Aarong’s ethnic essence through its designs and crafted value additions. Hence why the core concept for the design of this project is “An approach to develop a concept that exercises the fusing between the deep rooted ethnicity and contemporary needs which can be expressed in the interior design in both material and non-material way. Triangular matrix that evolved from the Taaga stitches, acts as a primary influence on designing the interior elements.”

Design team:

Principal Architect Md. Shakhawat Hossain Rocky

Khandaker Ashifuzzaman Rajon

Associate Architect Md. Sharifuzzaman Sajal

Arif Uz Zaman

Niloy Nath Saju

Construction manager Md. Suhag Hossain

  • Sonjoy Adhikary