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Tangail Residence

In the outskirts of a quaint and serene village within Tangail, close to a canal and nestled within a mahogany forest, lays a perfect location for family gatherings. Being an intimate area that has stayed within the client’s family for a long time, it is now the ideal spot as a haven away from the hustle bustle of the city and for the family to reconnect. The area previously had a very typical residential setting that most rural areas in Bangladesh do, with a courtyard present where most of the family’s activities occur during the day. Hence, the new design for the residence respects the previous layout and zoning in order to keep the memory of the spaces alive.

With the location of the site being close to a mahogany forest, climatic consideration was a significant factor in design. A vaulted tin roof is used for the living and dining rooms in order to find the best way to utilize the sunlight entering through a deeply shaded forest area. While most of the residence uses brick which is a climatically suitable choice, the vault roof uses tin as a way to respect the rural surroundings. The residence uses a central courtyard that acts as the main gathering point for the client’s family and to amplify the familial interactions. The theme of the household being a way to safeguard memories and emotions, so a majority of the design decisions were based on this.

Project Name: Tangail residence

Location: Shobotpur, Nagarpur, Tangail

Client: Mir Sharif uddin

Consultants: Cubeinside Design ltd.

Land Area: 4145 sqm

Total Built Area: 348 sqm

Architect : Khandaker Ashifuzzaman

Associate Architect / Design Team: Asfia Islam, Zamiul Azam

Structural design: Amimul Ehsan

Plumbing Consultant: Amimul Ehsan

Electrical Consultant: Amimul Ehsan

Landscape Consultant: Cubeinside Design ltd.

Construction Supervision: Sanjay Adhikari

Project cost: 3.5 M

Design Timeline: 2020

Construction Timeline: 2020-2021

Photograph: Khandaker Ashifuzzaman