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Shakil Apartment

For a large family to create a home, one of the vital things to consider is being connected. Hence the concept for Shakil Apartment is to keep the main part open enough to keep forming enough connections between each other. With the site being only 3 Katha big, the client had felt constricted by the small size. In order to fit within the small space. Each floor space amounted to 1200 square feet, and separated into 6 floors which included 2 duplexes. In this way, there is an adequate compromise between the amount of space available for the family while respecting the needs of the family.

The structure was designed in a way to invoke the feeling of a landmark to stand out within the area. The massing was not rigid, with the floor plans being open, in order to maintain the connections within the family.

Project Name: Shakil apartment

Location : Plot 29, Road- 1A, Sector 15, Uttara, Dhaka.

Client : Md. Shakil Mahmud

Md.Arif Uddin Mahmud

Consultants : Cubeinside Design ltd.

Land Area :200.67sqm

Total Built Area : 953.08sqm

Architect : KhandakerAshifuzzaman, Md. Sharifuzzaman

Associate Architect : TonimaTahsin, SumaiyaAzmi

Design Team :

Structural design : Engr. Amimul Ehsan

Plumbing Consultant : PROMEC

Electrical Consultant : PROMEC

Construction Supervision :

Project cost :

Design Timeline : 2019-2020

Construction Timeline : 2021 - 2023